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    Central Türkiye

    Pastırma in Kayseri

    Pastırma is made from special cuts of meat of the buffalo or beef. The meet is rinsed and salted pressed and dried, during which the fet melts and forms the white layer. Then the dried and pressed meat is covered with a wet spice paste called çemen (ground fenugreek seeds and chili powder) and left to dry slightly.

    Mantı in Kayseri

    Mantı is small cut dough filled with spiced ground meat and onions. The dumplings are most commonly topped with a sauce consisting of yogurt and garlic. Kayseri is famous for its mantı.

    Etli Ekmek in Konya

    Etli Ekmek (meat bread) is a delicious and famous meal that looks like a very long pizza. Ground meat, onion, fresh tomato and pepper are mixed thoroughly and spread on the dough that has opened lengthwise and baked in the bread oven. Etli Ekmek is usually consumed with ayran, and it is especially served to guests at weddings and ceremonies. It is a dish that must be tasted by visitors to Konya.

    Testi Kebab in Cappadocia, Nevşehir

    Testi Kebabı, also called Çömlek Kebabı is made from onion, garlic, tomato, and lamb meat sometimes with a topping of potato or pastry. It is cooked in a sealed clay pot and the pot is not broken until the waiter brings it to your table.  This dramatic presentation, as the pot is cracked open in front of your eyes, is as enjoyable as its taste.

    Cappadocia is famous for its pottery and ceramics and this special dish is cooked in a sealed pot. Pottery is used for much of the local tableware, you’ll be drinking from clay goblets poured from ewers made of pottery too!

    Besmec and Tandır Sac Böreği in Kırşehir

    Besmeç is a type of local meatballs (köfte) that are consumed with relish, especially in Kaman district of Kırşehir. Minced meat and bulgur are its main ingredients. It is cooked on saç (metal sheet) or on a stove.

    Tandır Saç Böreği is a type of pancake (gözleme) prepared with hand rolled dough and cooked in a tandoori oven in Kırşehir with varieties such as minced meat, tomato, egg, eggplant, mushroom.

    Çibörek in Eskişehir

    ÇiBörek (deep-fried turnovers filled with mincemeat) is a pastry identified with Eskişehir. It is eaten in many places in Eskişehir and in Türkiye, but the taste of ÇiBörek is not easy to find elsewhere. ÇiBörek, which is the work of the Crimean Tatar culture that first settled in Eskişehir, is a traditional pastry made by putting a mixture of minced meat, onion, and spices in rolled thin dough and frying it in oil. Usually, it is in the shape of a half moon.

    Varieties are also available with mushrooms, cheese, potatoes etc. However, it is traditionally made with ground beef. It is a unique taste with cold and foamy ayran. It takes its name from the combination of the words “çi”, which means delicious in the Old Kipchak dialect, and pastry (börek).

    Peskütan Soup and Sivas Meatballs in Sivas

    Peskütan is a kind of yoghurt prepared with fresh milk in spring to be consumed during winter in Sivas. This flavor from Sivas has made a name for itself throughout Türkiye thanks to its long shelf life. It is a regional flavor with high nutritional value, which is prepared by the addition of onion sauce called soharıç after cooking the cracked wheat and green lentil boiled with pescutan, which is then whipped to give it thickness.

    Sivas Meatball, which is a special bazaar food unique to Sivas, is a brand product of the city. One of the main features that make Sivas meatballs really special is that the ingredients are only minced meat and salt, and the other special feature is that the kneaded mince is kept in the fridge for a day and then ground again.

    Cimcik Dough Soup and Tatar Dough Soup in Çankırı

    Cimcik Dough Soup is prepared by blending dough pieces called Cimcik, whit yogurt, butter, and spices. It is one of the delicious local soups of Çankırı. 

    Tatar Dough Soup is made of lentils, noodles, tomato paste, butter, and many other ingredients, is an interesting flavour, served with garlic yogurt after cooking.

    Local Wines in Cappadocia, Nevşehir

    In Cappadocia, it wouldn’t be fair if you’d come all this way and return without trying the delicious Cappadocian wines. This region holding the well-established winemaking tradition for thousands of years, owes its famous vineyards to the tuff formed by the volcanic activities. Anatolian grapes such as Öküzgözü, Kalecik Karası, Boğazkere, Narince and Emir grow graciously thanks to the rich tuff soil. It gets better! Cappadocia wineries are open for visitation all year long, making your trip possible at any given moment.